Academic Council Meeting

On March 15, 2011 at 14.00 PM meeting of the Academic Council ZSMU is held in Auditorium No. 4.


  1. Results of students’ progress 1 st and 2 nd medical faculties and the Faculty of Pharmacy on the results of the fall semester 2010-2011 academic year.
    Ext: Assoc. Neryanov J. M., Assoc. Kompaniets V. M., Assoc. Colonels J. F.,
    Assoc. Kremser O. A.
  2. On the state of training and the medical care of correspondence training pharmacists and ways to improve it.
    Ext: Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy correspondence courses Assoc. Pryakhin A. R. Commission: Assoc. Pryakhin A. R. (Chairman), Professor. Knish E. G., Prof. Fate V. S., Prof. Kovalenko S. I.
  3. Information on the implementation of decisions of the Academic Council of the University of 16.03.2010, on the question “about the national-patriotic education of students and the formation of her social consciousness.”
    Ext.: Assoc. Bidzilya P. A.
    The Board: Prof. Krut U. Y. (Chairman), Professor. Zhadko V. A., PhD on Philology Sciences Sepety D. P.,  PhD on Philology Sciences Spoke N. V., deputy dean on educational work on medfakulteta. Assoc. Kravchenko V. I., deputy dean on educational work on farmfakultetu ; Assoc. Puchalski I. A.
  4. Adoption of those dissertations.
    Ext.: Chairman of the Scientific Planning Commission of Prof. Bocharov V. A.
  5. The election for the vacant position:
    – Head of Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 – Dotsenko, S.J.
    – Head of Department of Psychiatry, Addiction and Medical Psychology – Chugunov V. V.
    – Head of Department UEF honey. and farmtovaroznavstva – Knish E. G.
    – Professor of general surgery and care – Kapshitar A. A.
    – Professor of Pediatric Surgery and eanesteziologii – Kireev S. S.
    – Professor farmhimii – Kovalenko S. I.
    – Associate Professor of farmhimii – Sabelnik K. P.
    – Associate Professor of Nervous Diseases – Reticle I. V.
    – Associate Professor of hospital pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases – Pashkova O. E.
    – Senior Lecturer Department of Organic and Bio. Organic Chemistry – A. S.
  6. Conferring academic status:
    – Professor of general surgery and care – Ganja V. V.
    – Professor of hospital pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases – Reznichenko Y. G.
    – Associate Professor of tuberculosis and pulmonology – Puchalski, N. S.
    – Associate Professor of Internal Medicine No. 2 – Demidenko A.
    – Associate Professor of Dermatology and Venereology and cosmetics with a cycle of aesthetic medicine FPO – Veretelnik O. V.

Rector of the Medical University
Professor M. Kolesnik
Scientific Secretary
Assistant Professor G. K. Rogulchenko

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Celebration of the 20-Oirichnitsi

March 11 at the hall of  ZSMU celebrations dedicated to the celebration of the 20-Oirichnitsi since the founding of a rehabilitation center for human reproductive functioning.

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Spring Swallows 2011

On March 10 at the walls ZSMU passed ball aerobics “Spring Swallows 2011”

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Ukrainian Cardiac School. MD Academy in ZSMU

On the basis of Zaporozhye State Medical University; Ukrainian Cardiac School. MD Academy was started. Series of lectures at Ukrainian Cardiac School. MD Academy, will take place during March 10-11, 2011, is dedicated to topical issues of pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of major cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the age aspect.

Cardiac School – Conference Program

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Meeting of the Dissertation Council D 17.600.02

On March 2, 2011 a meeting of the Dissertation Council D 17.600.02 is held.

Key issues on the agenda:
Defense of the thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences, specialty 14.01.10 – Pediatrics Chakmazovoyu Elena Nikolaevna on the topic: “Role of endothelial dysfunction in the formation of vascular lesions in children with type 1 diabetes.
Scientific supervisor: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Lezhenko Gennady A., Zaporozhye State Medical University in Ukraine, the head of hospital pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases.
Official opponents: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Ovcharenko, Leonid Sergeevich, the head of pediatrics and neonatology Zaporozhye Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Ministry of Health of Ukraine; MD, Professor Senatorova Anna S., Head, Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology number 1 Kharkiv National Medical University, Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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